Frustrating Error in Neo4J Browser when Rendering Graph

I am getting a frustrating error In the Neo4J Browser when rendering a graph view.

It basically doesn't work!

I then get a load of errors saying

Error: <circle> attribute r: Expected length, "NaN".

By a load, I'm talking thousands.

Has anyone experienced this issue before? and how do I get round it? I am using Chromium 72.0.3626.8, Neo4j Browser version: 3.2.5 and Neo4j Enterprise 3.4.6

I haven't seen that kind of error before.
Please raise it at the Neo4j-Brower GitHub repo with screenshot and output of the JS console.

Note that neo4j browser is mainly thought as a developer tool to test your queries and not for rendering large scale graphs (i.e. more than a few hundred nodes). You might want to look at Bloom or any of the other solutions for that e.g. yWorks explorer

Or check out our visualization series with more details on different graph visualizations.

Feedback from the browser team: Try

:style reset

To fix the error.