Freeze position of nodes and relationships in a graph query

Hi All,

I have a graphDB and am using cypher queries in Neo4J browser to visualize the relationships graphically. Once the graph renders, I need to rearrange the nodes and relationship lines for better visibility and a left to right order that makes sense for my context. Is there anyway to freeze the layout of the graph so that everytime I rerun the query, the results get rendered in my "chosen layout"? This will avoid me the overhead of doing the manual formatting everytime. This will particularly be important when some of the underlying data changes.

any help/pointers on this will be really appreciated.

Hi All, any help here?


Afaik, currently there isn't an option to do something like that in Neo4j Browser.

If you really need this feature, I suggest you take a look at another visualization tool among those in this article, such as Cytoscape for example, to save node positions and so on.