Free Aura database put into pause - when being used

Hi Guys,

I got the message "We’re updating the functionality of the Aura service to auto pause Aura Free instances that have not been used recently"

However the DB is is constant use / yet was put into Pause - but we do not log into the website/console very often. Is this a bug or the intention ?

Please do advise.

Jeremy, hello,

This was a bug that we are fixing. The system that tracks the activity to validate whether the instance was active or dormant had an issue for a few Databases and incorrectly identified them as dormant when they were active and paused them.

This isn't happening at the moment and we're continuing to monitor.


Hi John,

I received the following today : Hi there,

We’ve noticed that you haven’t used your Aura Free database with the name --PRIVATE-- , in the last 48 hours.

We pause Aura Free Instances after 3 days of inactivity, but you’ll be able to log back in and resume them at any time.

However it has been used in the later 24hrs 100% - I wonder if there is still a bug in the tracking logic ?

Kind regards

Hello @jeremy2 ,

Your database will not be paused while we are ironing out this particular niggle, which will correctly report the activity, and we should have all this resolved by this afternoon.

I'll update you here directly when that is done.