Flammehawk - greets from Germany

Greetings from Germany,

I'm a web developer at a full service Media Agentur, with a focus on costumers of the Erotic Branch.

Privately I'm contributing to some Open Source Projects, and one of these is a local first Personal Knowledge Management system.

And I'm currently Looking into graph databases to represent the structure of the notes, which are simple Markdown files. With a hierarchical naming scheme and Links and includes between these files.

What I hope to find out is how I could emmbed a light weight graph db into the project and / or give the User the ability to connect an existing DB instance.

And give the user the ability to look at visualising the Graph, export certain parts of the graph and emmbed them into their Knowledgebase while publishing or just to navigate through their Knowledge base.

Friendly greetings,


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Hello @flammehawk ,

Welcome to the graph! The community is super smart and great at helping each other. Glad to have you join us.

For a local-first project, it could be worth taking a look at the "relate framework" which Neo4j Desktop uses. It can either connect to an existing DBMS or manage local instances. The framework has packages for either web-hosted or electron-packaged delivery.

Take a look at GitHub - neo4j-devtools/relate