Filter on Neo4j UI


I am having a Neo4J dashboard, wherein I output nodes of a particular category eg. "Category : Study" and within Study category I have Study 1", "Study 2", and so on etc.

In my Cypher query, I return the entire Study node and when it is expanded, it gives all the Studies.

Is there a way that I can "Filter" which Study to expand on Graph and not all at once?
Can there be a Filter on the UI in a tabular/dropdown format through which I can select the Study to expand and not all?

If you have your own dashboard you can control expansion.

In Neo4j browser there is currently no control for that (as it's meant as developer tool).

But there are a number of tools like Linkurious, Keylines, Graphileon, yWorks Neo4j explorer, Graphalytics and others that allow for such control.