File Location For Favorite Queries In Desktop Browser

I am running into issues with my Desktop Browser client and am needing to do a re-install but I do not want to lose the favorite queries I have saved. Is there a file I can create a backup of to ensure I do not lose those queries. (Keep in mind I cannot actually open the desktop client to export my queries).

Hello @trey.yeager :slight_smile:

According to the documentation:

Your favorites, settings, and styles can be saved to the cloud with Neo4j Browser Sync. If you clear your Browser cache, your local favorites will be removed.

This is the link to the Neo4j Browser Sync documentation.

I don't have another solution :confused: In the future, you should create a file (e.g. queries.cypher) to store your queries and you shoud be able to import it in the Neo4j Browser.


Good news!
Re-installing the Neo4j Desktop Browser over my previous install (WITHOUT uninstalling) kept my favorites intact.

At some point we need a better way to save (and share) these favorites but I'll take the win for today!