Fibo rdf loading

A cross post here,

In one of the blogs - Financial Risk Reporting - Aug 2018 Naveet Mathur
He refers to "The FIBO ontology is now available as add-on to the Neo4j platform, so you can create an enterprise canonical data model that:"

Where is the add on or is he referring to neosemantics

  • I am using neosomantics

When using the desktop app, when I try to load the rdf, its disabled and I cant select the file ,
but the fetch command works

Would be great if we had a step step tutorial of loading a specific FIBO file , eg fibo/ontology/master/2020Q1/IND/InterestRates/MarketDataProviders.rdf


Hi Michael,

The Upload function should be available if your database / graph is LOCAL. If it's remote, for security reason, it's disabled. Hope this hepls.



Hey @michaeljquinn,

I'm not sure about an add-on for FIBO but you can certainly use neosemantics. It looks like the problem that you had was down to the fact that the form input was only accepting text/* mime types. I've just published version 0.2.8 of the Neosemantics Graph App that has updated mime types (and a few more formats). There is now also a hint below the input telling you the valid file formats.

If you go to the Notification Center in Desktop (Bell icon), and click the arrows then you should get a message telling you that a new version is available. If you click Update you should be able to import the file correctly.

Let me know if that works for you and if you have any feedback on the graph app in general feel free to reach out.

got 0.28, same behaviour

Adam, so sorry, forgot to set format to RDF/XML all perfect. now, thanks. heaps

No problem! Let me know if you have any feedback.