Favorite (or any?) ways to publish cypher models in LaTeX?

I'm in the process of writing up a research project that uses Neo4j to collect and integrate several published data sets. I want to describe the graph models that constructed to integrate the data. I'm using LaTex to write my project.

I realize that I could just write some Tikz diagrams to describe these models or put the Cypher between {verbatim} tags, but I was wondering if anybody knew of a nifty way to write these.

If your goal is syntax highlight for Cypher queries, the listings package can do a reasonable job.
I published a minimal working example on GitHub: GitHub - szarnyasg/cypher-highlight

You can also try minted which uses pygments in the background. It's missing some Cypher keywords that have been submitted in a PR but did not get merged yet. Update (Feb 13): it has been merged.

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