Faster way to export a subgraph from a causal cluster and import it in another machine with a single node

Hi all,
I have to export data from one causal cluster to onother neo4j single instance in other machine, all in 3.5.x version.
The causal cluster has:
35M of nodes
66M of rels
But we only have to export and import 20K nodes and 40K rels

I have to take into account that the data has to travel through the network (choose the way that it weighs little). That the subgraph has to have all the data and that neo cannot be stopped (it is not worth dump).

Thanks in advance!.

I would use apoc.export.cypher/json.query() to export your subgraph.

and then import it with either cypher-shell for cypher or apoc.import.json for the json.