Family tree relationship mapping

I'm wondering whether someone has already mapped family tree relationships?


  (Joe:Male { name: 'Joe' }),
  (Jane:Female { name: 'Jane' }),
  (Dave:Male { name: 'Dave' }),

My goal is to have something like dave's grandfather to be parsed as match (:Male {name: 'Dave' })<-[:PARENT]-(parent)<-[:PARENT]-(grandfather:Male) return grandfather

If you want to label the grandfathers of Dave you could simply tag them:

match (:Male {name: 'Dave' })<-[:PARENT]-(parent)<-[:PARENT]-(grandfather:Male)
set grandfather:GrandfatherOfDave

Be careful, however, if you have more than one of this procedural inference rules. If they depend on each other (think of a :SON relationship that implies a reverse :PARENT relationship) you have to take care of their execution order, check of termination, etc.

What you describe might require the RDFS/OWL model and reasoning:

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