Failed to invoke procedure in browser

Good day! I'm new in Neo4j, using neo4j version 4.1.0, Neo4j Desktop Version: 1.3.4

During the course ' INTRODUCTION TO GRAPH ALGORITHMS IN NEO4J 4.X' I'm try to call function
<CALL gds.graph.list()/> but got error Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureCallFailed
Failed to invoke procedure gds.graph.list: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown tzid 'GMT+03:00'

Please, provide me some information about this problem


I'm trying to reproduce and was wondering if you can run this query and paste the result:

return datetime()

Result is

Oh, that's interesting! When I forced my timezone to GMT+03:00 I was getting an exception when running that function as well as the gds.graph.list error!

I have a workaround that you can try (but now I'm not 100% sure it's going to work), but it should be quick to try at least.

Can you add the following line to your Neo4j settings file:


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Yes, it helped!
Thanks a lot

Cool, that's good. I've also reported the issue to the team that works on the GDS library so hopefully, they can fix it in the library rather than us changing the timezone.