Failed to invoke procedure `apoc.testApoc`: Caused by: org.neo4j.kernel.StoreLockException:

I am getting below error when i am trying to run apoc from java application

Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureCallFailed: Failed to invoke procedure apoc.testApoc: Caused by: org.neo4j.kernel.StoreLockException: Unable to obtain lock on store lock file: C:\Users\n360733.Neo4jDesktop\neo4jDatabases\database-34032bd4-8cfe-4ac3-976b-27b13d339b0b\installation-3.5.5\data\databases\store_lock. Please ensure no other process is using this database, and that the directory is writable (required even for read-only access)

I am using below code
@Procedure(value = "apoc.testApoc")
@Description("This is used for laoding the test plan Details and create the graph")
public Stream loadClient(@Name(value = "planCode") String planCode) {

	/*graphDb = new GraphDatabaseFactory().
	GraphDatabaseService db = new GraphDatabaseFactory()
					new File("C:\\Users\\n360733\\.Neo4jDesktop\\neo4jDatabases\\database-34032bd4-8cfe-4ac3-976b-27b13d339b0b\\installation-3.5.5\\data\\databases\\graph.db")).newGraphDatabase();
	Result str=db.execute("call apoc.loadPlan('')");
	List<String> alpha = Arrays.asList(str.resultAsString());
	return> new PlanDTO(str.resultAsString()));
		return null;


Can any one help me

Looks like you have a database using that folder running. You cannot run multiple Neo4j instance on the same folder.

Thanks stefan. I as of now i dont have any thing in database. nad single instance of neo4j is running. I checked

In case of a unclean shutdown there might be a left over store lock file inside the store folder.