Failed to invoke procedure apoc.import.json caused by java.lang.nullpointerexception

Hi I am trying to follow the YouTube Tutorial "Training Series - Create a Knowledge Graph: A Simple ML Approach"

I have followed the process of opening a sandbox and the very first line is uploading the data from the GitHub repository ... however there is a problem which I see others have faced and that seems to be the apoc.import.json command simply fails to run. I assume that working in the sandbox means I am using the latest versions in which case it should not be a version issues as I have seen mentioned in other similar questions.

How do I proceed?

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I just created a Neo4j Sandbox instance and it seems it seems that the version is not the latest.
You can try by executing:

RETURN apoc.version();

I receive (and I think you too). The latest version is

However, I just tried the apoc.import.json procedure, but strangely I receive a Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError and not a NullPointer.

Anyway, can you try to do the tutorial by using, for example, Neo4j Desktop?
Here there is the latest version and I haven't encountered any problems.

Thanks I will try using the desktop