Failed to import osm file to neo4j

I am new to neo4j.
I got an error while import .osm file to neo4j.

error I got : Failed to invoke procedure spatial.importOSM: Caused by: .\import\niedersachsen_01.osm (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)

what I did explain below.

  • download .osm.pbf file from Geofabrik Download Server
  • convert .osm.pbf file to .osm file using osmconvert
  • i am using neo4j desktop v 1.4.1
  • download spatial plugin: neo4j-spatial-0.27.2-neo4j-4.2.3-server-plugin.jar
  • create new dbms in neo4j
  • CALL spatial.procedures it work fine
  • copy my osm file to ...\dbmss\dbms-9...\import
  • CALL spatial.importOSM('.\import\niedersachsen_01.osm')

please help me

Thank you