Exporting Data from Neo4j

Lots of great suggestions on Import but it would be very helpful if we could include a command in APOC that exports the data in a CSV format, to the browser, in a table form, with the attribute names in row 1 with the data in all the rows after. As we roll out to users, they all seem to want to use their own tools (Stata, R etc ) but all speak CSV.

This should be runnable and retrieveable using BOLT. Not to the output file directory. Back to the users desktop.

Any way that could be included as an option ?

have you looked at APOC export? Export - APOC Extended Documentation

it wants to go to a server file, but there is a stream option (format isn't great)

After I posted that, I saw that stream option also. You are right, the stream option is "better" than the file, but not as useful as actually detailing out the attributes manually. But thank you for pointing it out. Its like a lot of these things, hiding in plain sight.

@bill.dickenson - we also use the export to CSV from desktop, but it's tedious, I wish cypher had a return a.* syntax. We share queries that spell out the return (users can use alias if they don't like the property names)

MATCH (a:address)
return a.addressLine1,a.city,a.state,a.postalCode

then they use the export as CSV option, just having to remember to change the
:config maxRows:100 - maximum number of rows for the tabular result

max rows still causes problems even for experienced users

figured you already tried this option but worth mentioning if someone else stubbles on this post

That a.* would be perfect.

Yeah, thats what we are doing as well but we have literally 100 attributes on some nodes. Painful.


Enterprise has a BI connector, it's a jdbc driver. I haven't used it but could be an option

Tried that with PowerBI and could not seem to get it to work. But that was also 4.0 and a while ago. I'll make another run at that this weekend. Good reminder. Thanks