Export Visualization of Graph and/or Session in Bloom

So far my research has turned up nothing, but is there a way to export the graph the user generates in Bloom as an image? Aside from taking a screenshot of course.

And relatedly, is there a way to save the graph that was generated? Ours can get quite complex and it would be nice to be able to restore from a file or save the graph for sharing with others. The export as CSV would seem to partially get there, but there seems to be no way to import.

If Bloom does not have this, can someone recommend a tool that does?

While I still do not have a solution for exporting the image of the graph other than just taking a screenshot, I was able to create a function that allows the user to reload the exported csv file. I posted this solution in the the bloom github here: Cannot use LOAD CSV in created search · Issue #20 · neo4j-devtools/neo4j-bloom · GitHub

We appreciate your feedback. Currently, we don't have these features.

Thanks for your input!