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Is there an easy way to export and then import again the entire graph with its sturcture? My problem is that (compare Neo4j APOC Procedures User Guide) export to csv and import csv from APOC don't really work together i.e. the exported csv file can't be imported again easily...




I am confused...are you exporting the database, destroying it, accomplishing some sort of offline work on the files, and then importing back into the server? Can you explain your use case?

I figure you would have used neo4j-admin to 'dump' and 'load' the database since you want the data and its structure intact.

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I'd like to do this too.

I want to export an existing Neo4J DB to JSON as a snapshot of my DB. Then I want to be able to import the JSON back into Neo4J so I can try something with that snapshot.

I'd rather have it a JSON, so I can directly edit the JSON in case I want to make changes.

There are so many options for exporting and importing, so it's confusing to figure out exactly which exports and imports functions to use.

I know I can do a DB backup and restore, but I rather have it all in a human and machine readable form.

I think there is also a way to generate Cypher code to recreate the DB, but that is very verbose.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm trying to figure this out too. What is the point of exporting to csv, JSON, or other if the data cannot be reimported? In my case we're trying out neo4j for possible production use. I'd like to share DBs with colleagues via Neo4j Desktop. How should I do that?

So, have you found a solution to this problem? As far as I can see there are no answers, maybe someone knows how to export the existing Neo4J DB to JSON and can share?
https://neo4j.com/labs/apoc/4.2/overview/apoc.import/apoc.import.json/?_gl=1/ employee monitoring


@borisvivienne it is not about exporting the neo4j db to a json.
This topic is about reimporting a previous exported graph from CSV or JSON.

I am also searching for something like that. The export to CSV is easy running the appropriate apoc-function (Export to CSV - APOC Extended Documentation). But importing exactly this outputfile, without any changes to the file or giving the clear structure of the columns to the apoc.load.csv function, seems not to be possible or implemented.



Has anyone figured out a solution?

Using load and dump to share a database seems to only work if the neo4j versions match.

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