Exploring approaches to Graphs + Machine Learning

Thanks Karin for welcoming me to the community! My name's David, I'm the co-founder of https://octavian.ai, a research project into new approaches to machine learning on graphs.

My background is from running a tech startup ( SketchDeck) and studying Computer Science and Mathematics.

We use Neo4j in a bunch of our work! We've put together tutorials on how to connect Neo4j with Keras and TensorFlow, and also how to translate English into Cypher:

My current work focuses on performing Question-Answering on Knowledge Graphs. A lot of our approaches involve having the neural network directly read/manipulate the graph itself (E.g. without a DB engine) although I'm also really interested in combining Reinforcement Learning with Neo4j + Cypher to do graph QA.

More than happy to chat with y'all about graphs and ML :)