Expanding Free access to Neo4j Enterprise via Startup Program

Hi there,

We believe in startups as early innovators and disruptors in their respective industries, so we wanted to make it easier to get access to the powerful features in Neo4j Enterprise. We're super happy to let y'all know that we've dramatically expanded the Neo4j Startup Program.

β€œI’m always struck by the breadth of disruptive business models built around graph technology. Our Startup Program aims to give back to the startup community and make graph technology available to data infrastructures that thrive on connections and drive innovation. It’s gratifying to see our Startup Program members in action and witness their success.” – Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j

Are you building a product and have <= 50 employees and < $3mm in revenue
You can get Neo4j Enterprise for free, including Causal Clustering and online backup for scale and availability.

But wait, there's more
Qualifying startups also get access to Neo4j Bloom for data discovery and visualization.

Apply today or learn more about the Startup Program from my blog post.

Best of luck building your applications and businesses!