Example project CSV location and query explanation?

On the Developer example project page in Data Setup (Example Project - Developer Guides) is a Cypher statement to LOAD CSV from Dropbox. Cool!

Dropbox would be great to share a quick proof of concept graph analysis, but the Dropbox file path fails with a 404. :frowning:

Also, there is another query at the end of the "Endpoints" section that also has a LOAD CSV statement... without an explanation. Seems like it should be up in the Data Setup section? And what's it do?


Aha! Found a 2015 blog post by Michael Hunger with some explanation of the queries, and a query that will export the Movies sample DB into CSV.

Updating and incorporating that info into the Dev Example project page would be more efficient for newbies. :smile:

Unfortunately, with the movies_setup.csv export from the blog article, the LOAD CSV statements both throw errors: "Neo.ClientError.Statement.SemanticError: Cannot merge node using null property value for title"

use coalesce() to set to something like "NOT SET" or "NA" in your loader script.

MERGE (movie:movie{title:coalesce(line.title,"NOT_SET")

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Thx for the idea. Oddly, the export does not appear to be missing titles.

The file parses correctly as a file:/// from the local Import directory, and fine if served locally via http (via NPM serve command), but fails via HTTP from Dropbox. The Dropbox URL includes a 302 redirect, so perhaps that's the root of the problem.