Example Exercises to Teach Neo4j And Reco Engines

Hi All,

I want to expose my MBA class to Neo4j to show them the intuition behind recommendation engines. Between the Desktop tool and Browser, Neo4j is extremely accessible and with the built-in visualization, I want to try to reinforce the topic via a basic example/exercise.

Any examples out there that you might be willing to share? The end goal is not to teach them how to manage a database, but simply, leverage the ease of Neo4j to teach the topic of recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

Please check my blog on restaurant recommendation:

I don't know how deeply you have dug so far, so I will just share some basics, if you have seen it and you're looking for something else, let me know

Have you played around with the Neo4j Sandbox? Pre-existing data sets and guides walk you through recommendation example. There are also some great blog posts like the one @ameyasoft shared.

@ameyasoft Maybe you would be interested in presenting on your blog post on the Neo4j Online Meetup? :)