Example Arichitecture with python and neo4j

original_2 !
These days I take a course of Neo4j

And I have some question that is
above picture is possible?

I just wonder that neo4j support python and
the possibility of connect mongodb which connected with python flask app, with Neo4j !

Below picture is source from the neo4j online course.
And the top picture is the one that I edit a little .


Any comments would be appriciated

Thanks for everyone for reading my post :)

Hello @gjtnwjd40 and welcome to the Neo4j community:)

What do you want to know exactly?:slight_smile:

I use Neo4j with Neo4j Python driver Neo4j Python Driver 5.4 — Neo4j Python Driver 5.4 and it works perfectly fine:)


Thanks, @Cobra
Well our company have chatbot (which built with python flask etc..) and it use mongodb.

I just want to know the architecture of running my chatbot with neo4j

Should I connect my exist mongodb with neo4j?

if so, I want to know the way to connect my mongodb( which connected with my python made chatbot :slight_smile: ) with neo4j

Or can I connect neo4j for my python-chatbot directly ?

Warmest Regards,

Sujeong Heo

Hello @gjtnwjd40,

Yeah, I see, you can connect Neo4j directly to your python-chatbot:) Your python script could do the join between your two databases if needed :slight_smile:

If you look at the diagram, each database has its driver and the python is where everything comes together :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advice @Cobra
I keep that in mind and try it.

Hop you having a great time rest of the days :slight_smile:


You too, no problem, I'm happy to help you :slight_smile: