Evento online en español


Interested in an online event in Spanish? I'm starting to organize an event and am looking for speakers to present in Spanish. We'll have a Neo4j host and presenter, and will welcome someone from the community.

Message me directly or respond here if you'd like to speak to our global community.


Hi I have interest to participitate , ready to hear how

Saludos !!

Hi, I am interested. My email is juan.gomez01@gmail.com

Fantastic! What I propose is an online event at the end of April, on a particular date that works for you @ponceortiz and @jggomez .

Do either of you have a topic you'd like to speak about?


Hi Andreas ,

Thanks, for you reply just Let me know
Whats the audience ?Im living México too , in northen city named Monterrey.

Im ready if you like a video conf , to talk about it ?

Saludos !!