ETL tool wont load for me


I am following How-To: Neo4j ETL Tool - Developer Guides and got the app to install and install for one of the project

But when I launch Neo4j ETL tool it shows me blank screen. No error in console either to debug.

Please provide the following information if you ran into a more serious issue:

  • desktop version Version: 1.1.20
  • neo4j version Neo4j 3.5.2
  • etl-tool version Version: 1.3.7
  • which database do you want to import from - mysql
  • don't know where to find logs for apps


can you enable development mode and check the developer tools console after reloading the etl app?

Hi @michael_hunger, it was weird but I created a new project with no db in it and installed etl tool there and it started working. Not sure how but now it works.
Off topic: Is there a place where I can check feature list of what to expect in future releases? I was hoping for more details / customization to mapping json

We haven't published a roadmap, there are a number of issues in GitHub - neo4j-contrib/neo4j-etl: Data import from relational databases to Neo4j. that outline future features. But good point.