Errors in the Driver Manual

Hi there.

I'm new to Neo4j and I've been playing around with the whole platform. Lately, I've been experimenting with interacting with the DB from a Go program.
While reading the Driver Manual, I found a couple of errors in the examples.
In the section "3.3. Causal chaining", the function makeFriend is not using the bookmarks argument, which leads to an incorrect example.
In the section " 4.1. The Cypher type system", the equivalent to Neo4j's null type in Go is nil, not null.
In section "4.2.3. Consuming the stream", in the example a Session is created with AccessModeWrite, but the transaction run only reads. In spite of not making a difference in practice, I think it should be changed to AccessModeRead for consistency.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Maria -

How fun that you're getting started with Neo4j!

Thank you for taking the effort to let us know about the errors you found! I'll bring them back to the Docs + Drivers teams and make sure they get addressed!