Error when get simple graph (Index traversal aborted)

I got a very simple Cypher query as bellowing. However, it return error of Index traversal.

> match (u:USER)
> where u.USER_ID in [100014822224680,100007051087899]
> return (u)-[:friend]->(u)


Index traversal aborted due to being stuck in infinite loop. This is most likely caused by an inconsistency in the index. Loop occurred when restarting search from root from page 24290. | GB+Tree[file:/data/databases/graph.db/neostore.relationshipgroupstore.degrees.db, layout:CountsLayout[version:0.1, identifier:4859186502451594203, fixedSize:true], generation:467/471]

Please help to explain the problem and how to fix it.

Hi @leminhvn !

What indexes do you have on your DB? I guess you have an index on *USER_ID *. Have you try dropping it and recreating it back again?


I had done that: drop and recreate the index. Unluckily it does not work.
I try to delete neostore.relationshipgroupstore.degrees.db and startup database.
It takes long time to start in order to rebuild the files. Now the error is gone. But I still have to double check.