Error: Oracle Analytics Desktop connect with Neo4j

Hi Everyone,

I tried to connect Oracle Analytics with Neo4j database by jdbc driver (SimbaNeo4jJDBC4 and neo4j-jdbc-driver-4.0.0) but it's not work ! My setting as image bellow

Do you help any ideal to correct it ?

Huy Duong

The error message you're seeing ("No connection configuration is specified for DriverClass or JndiName parameters") almost certainly means that the machine you're connecting to doesn't have the BI Connector installed.

When you use the URL jdbc:neo4j://localhost:7687, the "neo4j" part maps to a JDBC driver provider. In turn, the software that you're using has to have the driver JARs in the right place, in order to get loaded by your software. Without this in the right place, the "neo4j" part of the URL will make no sense to the software and you'll get this error.

I haven't used Oracle Analytics before, so I can't advise on how to install the BI Connector into it, but I'd look for documentation on installing custom JDBC drivers (which is in effect what this is) -- and if you follow those and Oracle Analytics supports JDBC, you should be in good shape.

I followed this guide and setup jdbc for Oracle analytics desktop
Maybe the Neo4j BI Connector wasn't combinable with Oracle analytics :frowning:

It should work fine. This is a bit tough to help with because I'm not familiar with this product, but the instructions you're following look like they're suitable for what you're trying to do. I would still think it's a good idea to get some verification that Oracle Analytics is actually loading the JAR file, for example from its system logs or something similar. If it doesn't support this JAR, the product would say so -- but I doubt that's the case. It looks like a simple misconfiguration.