ERROR: .jar file corrupted. Service start fail when graph-algorithms-algo- is placed in plugins folder

The problem I am having is: Using neo4j 3.4.8, I have it installed and running fine. I have added this file: graph-algorithms-algo- from this location: I put this jar into the plugin folder of my neo4j install and restart the service. The log then shows an error about the jar file being corrupt and stops the service. I have re-downloaded the file a couple of times with same results. I have also tried to open up permissions and change the owner of the .jar to neo4j user and group, but still no joy. I am installing on Redhat 7.5. Any ideas what might be going on here?

How did you download it? Your command has to follow redirects.


curl -OL

Michael, Thanks for the advice, It was a redirect issue from Github. The -L worked perfect.