Error in user defined function in Neo4j desktop

I followed the example as in [GitHub - neo4j-examples/neo4j-procedure-template: Example code for building User Defined Procedures and Functions for Neo4j ]. After creating the JAR-file I copied the file into the plugins folder that i opened in the GUI in Neo4j Desktop in Manage->Open Folder->Plugins . Then I restarted the database. In the browser "return example.join(['a','b'])" results in the following error:
Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Unknown function 'example.join' (line 1, column 16 (offset: 15))
"return example.join(['a','b'])"
Can someone help me out please?

You may want to make sure you've created and run tests for your custom functions and that they pass. Also monitor the debug log on startup for any trouble when loading your custom jar.

I forked the Github, so I assume thats all fine. When i startup the database I dont see anything unusual in the log files either.

In that case, double check whether you implemented a procedure or a function. Procedures use the CALL syntax, functions do not.

If you forked APOC, make sure your jar isn't present along with the APOC jar or you may have conflicts. Also make sure you forked the right version of APOC in accordance with your Neo4j version.

If you need additional help, then you need to supply the code for review, though usually if there's something wrong with a plugin, you should see an exception in the logs somewhere.

I fixed it; my pom.xml file was incorrect. Thanks for the help!