Enrique from The Netherlands

I'm Enrique Larios working at TU Delft/SIG as a postdoc in Software Engineering and I've just started using graph databases for one of our projects. My research is focused on streaming analytics and I'm currently using Apache Kafka and Flink in my project so I'm planning to introduce Neo4j for visualising my streams of data. Looking forward to see the results.
Have a nice day!
Regards, Enrique.

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Hi Enrique!
We're going to be hosting some meetups with Confluent folks on the new Kafka connector if you'd be interested in presenting!!! :heart:

Hi Karim,

Thanks for your message. Depending on when the meetups are going to be, yes, it would be nice to present my results. I think I will have a prototype by the end of June. My prototype aims to monitor near real-time software libraries adoption on java projects in GitHub. Btw, currently I'm learning Neo4j and Cypher so I'm not an expert in the technology yet.

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That's ok! It takes time. What areas would you be interested presenting in?

Hi Karin,
It's better to discuss about the content when the prototype is more mature. By the moment I don't know what would be the content of the presentation. Thanks.

Best regards,


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