English Sentences to Cypher Query

I am making a Question Answer system using Neo4j. I want to convert english questions to Cypher Query ? Or is there any method by which i can traverse the graph and can retrieve answers ?

This is a complicated question, but the short answer is that by using natural language processing techniques (NLP) you can do this. The guy who knows the most about this is @Christophe_Willemsen. I'm not sure the best article of his to link to for this question (maybe he will stop by and drop the right one. ;)

Christophe has done some cool work with Alexa and other technologies where they have basically this problem: user says something, and we need to turn it into the right cypher queries to get answers. This might be a useful starting point.

But on the GraphAware NLP blog, there are going to be a number of resources to this topic.


Thank You so much for helping !

Hi! Here's an approach I wrote last summer: