Elena Williams - Djangonaut and Pythonista, interested in different data structures for a better world

I'm a long time python user and elected member of the django software foundation who's quite engaged with the community. Generally I work on many small practical projects, though am currently wrapped up in running a medium-sized business.

Overall though, there is a project that I've wanted to work on my whole life. Being a web professional for quite some time I occasionally would dig in to this project and things would get complex fast and the project would lose priority.

Earlier this year (2018) I randomly saw this talk: Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin Life - YouTube and it was apparently that this solves my project's complexity problem and it really lit a spark in me.

Since them whenever I can scrape out some time I've been kicking around prototypes and generally having fun getting in to neo4j.

I had a lovely time couple of months ago at release of Neo4j 3.4 with Nigel Small, Neo4j Engineering Team digging at some bugs/future features introduced in to GitHub - py2neo-org/py2neo: Py2neo is a comprehensive Neo4j driver library and toolkit for Python.

I'm keen as beans to start being an advocate for it in my local communities and intend to give some talks about my experiences so far in the next few months/years.

I'm based in Australia, currently settled in Canberra and involved with ANU particularly in the college of Engineering and Computer Science and also actively encourage and support the female/women members of communities to come to the fore.

I'm friendly and chatty but always have many demands on my attention.

Hello Neo4J community! I'd be delighted to sidle up to the ranks and join in.


Welcome to the forum Elena. I did a bootcamp in Canberra not too long ago. Love the place !

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Welcome Elena! Have you seen the neomodel Django integration for Neo4j? Would be curious if you have any feedback on it.

Hi William,

Thanks for the reference! I will certainly check it out. Having had Nige's work on my radar I'd totally missed this one. I'd taken neo4django out for a spin, but it's nearly certainly dead.

This looks like a lot of fun! I'll be sure to contribute if necessary.

Thank you for the welcome!

Hi Tom,

Gosh, I'm so disappointed I missed your visit. It makes sense though, as despite Canberra's small population, we certainly have a disproportionate number of data, research and technology-oriented folk.

I would be interested in connecting with or forming a community here. Is it possible to get more details about your bootcamp? At least it's something I need to be subscribed to so I don't miss it again!

Thank you also for the welcome, it makes such a huge difference!

Hello Elena,

It was not an open bootcamp, it was specifically for the NGA ... but we surely could have accommodated a couple more attendees ! We had Jackson Pollocks Blue Poles (well, obviously not just not that painting ;-) in the model.

I'll shoot you a direct message with more details.


HI Elena,
Have you successfully implemented a Django site with neomodel? i have been trying to integrate it with form data submission and stuff but have failed miserably. Also having a nightmare to even get a Dropdown list to work.

Hi Elena!
If you need any help with activating your women community locally, feel free to reach out! I would love to help where i can! :heart:

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