Elena Poughia - MD at Dataconomy and Data Natives

Hi everyone,

My name is Elena Poughia, am a Greek hustler living it up in Berlin. I'm running a media publication that focuses on big data, AI, ML, blockchain and specific interesting industry verticals such as healthtech, fintech, govtech. We run a big worldwide community of more than 65K people and a conference for the data-driven generation titled Data Natives. I really like the neo4j community and graph databasing for problem-solving and data visualization. Looking forward to hear some interesting applications of the technology, meet smart nerdy people and find speakers for our events :slight_smile:



Welcome, Elena!!!! :smile:

Congrats, Elena!

We're picking 5 people at random who introduced themselves in the new community site for the next 5 weeks, and your name was selected!

I will DM you with $50 code you can use in the Neo4j Graph Gear Store!