Elasticsearch to Graph Visualization in Browser

I am really new at Neo4j. I have learned basically how to query with cypher etc.I have a working system on vue.js and elasctic search with 2 million data. I want to query elastic search and with returning data I want to feed neo4j and make to users see the graphs on browser with vue.js or javascript based. By the way I installed docker version of neo4j.
Based on my research :
. If I want to user see neo4j graphs I must use like Neovis.js tools ,
. If I want send data elasticsearch to Neo4j, I must use Apoc.
I dont have any information on neo4j. I am really confused. So how can I import data with rest api elasticsearch to neo4j and how to see result graphs from browser based on search keyword etc? Or as second solution should I import ALL data elasticsearch to neo4j, then request neovis.js directly to see graphs on browser ?I really need help. Thanjk you so much

There are a number of different ways to go about what you want to do. If you're trying to provide graph visualizations to your users and use JavaScript then yes you're going to be trying to use something like Neovis.js or creating your own with D3 or a similar library. However, if you're just trying to display information in different formats, etc. you can use things like the GRANDstack to make your application interactive.

If you're going to be using Elasticsearch and you want to integrate Neo4j there's a plug in for that you can find here Neo4j and ElasticSearch - Developer Guides with some information on how to connect the two instances. You could also tie the two in together in a web application using the officially supported ES JavaScript driver found here GitHub - elastic/elasticsearch-js: Official Elasticsearch client library for Node.js.

In the end how you go about it is going to be depend on you and what you're comfortable with but hopefully this gives you some more tools in your tool box.

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Thank you so much for your help. I hope I will develop an app with the informations you gave. My mind is still little bit confused, but I can keep up .Thank you so much again.