Elasticsearch Integration

I have an index in my elastic, I am following the steps in 8.3. ElasticSearch Integration - Chapter 8. Database Integration to get the data from elastic to neo4j

step 1: CREATE INDEX ON :Document(id)
step 2: CALL apoc.es.query('http://localhost:9200','d460e889-6860-4fb4-b040-fee70c96a029.datasets.75903c6-3e44-454e-ab9c-0e650e30e230-single','doc','size=1&scroll=5m',null) yield value return value._scroll_id as scrollId, value.hits.hits as hits
step 3: UNWIND hits as hit

In step 2 I was getting error when I used "with" as given in the Example of the link, so I used return, I could get the scroll and hits
In step 3, I get following error

Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError: Query cannot conclude with UNWIND (must be RETURN or an update clause) (line 1, column 1 (offset: 0))
 "UNWIND hits as hit"

May I know the mistake please?

I got it, I used with in step 2 and unwind with return hit, it worked, Thanks