Eigen centrality algorithm based on CYPHER projection and with weighted edges

I'm trying to use GSD Eigenvector centrality algorithm based on Cypher projection and with weighted edges:

CALL gds.alpha.eigenvector.stream({
nodeQuery: 'MATCH ... RETURN id(node) as id',
relationshipQuery :'MATCH ... RETURN id(x) as source, id(y) as target, z as weight',
relationshipWeightProperty: 'weight'
YIELD nodeId, score
RETURN nodeId, score

Here the relationship query also returns a column 'weight' to be considered as wights of edges. I insert it with the aid of relationshipWeightProperty property. But the query returns scores as if no any weights were inserted. What is the reason? Maybe I' missing something?
I work with Neo4j v.4.0.

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