Efficient way to port my python+cypher into AWS Neptune?

Hi comms.
I have 1k lines python+cypher(neo4j-driver-python) codes which builts graph on Neo4j, and I want to port these codes to create same graph on AWS Neptune.
Unfortunately, Neptune only supports Gremlin(Apache Tinkerpop) and SPARQL 1.1. There is no cypher support.

I've googled around and find "Cypher for Gremlin" from opencypher repo( GitHub - opencypher/cypher-for-gremlin: Cypher for Gremlin adds Cypher support to any Gremlin graph database. ), but it only supports Java. Porting python to java is painful for me...

When I'm going to port my codes with minimal changes to deal with Neptune, which strategy can I take for ?

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