Efficient memory configuration

Can you help us in setting up effective memory management configuration for Neo4J Database. We are facing excessive memory issue in Neo4J database.

We have set up a Neo4J instance with 16VCPUs and 64GB Ram and set up 32GB Heap size. In first load jobs RAM shoot up to 95% and database stopped working. I stopped the instance and reduecd heap size to 16GB as documentation. Since then, idle RAM usage is 20% and any load job rises it to 65%.

Furthermore, If there is any load job in progress, it rejects other load jobs by error that no memory available to allocate. When the load job is finished, memory consumption remains 65% and further load jobs occupies more memory. It looks like, memory is not released after CSV load.

Hello @usamabin.masood :slight_smile:

You should have a look at neo4j-admin memrec command:


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