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Hello people
I have a project integrating Neo4j with a JavaScript tool. After a call in the database, the graph returned in the tool does not show the directions of the edges already defined in the database. How to make directions appear?
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I'm not sure what tool you're using, but if it's not the Neo4j Browser or Neo4j Bloom (it doesn't seem to be resembling either), then it's not a Neo4j issue, and it's not something we can fix on our end, it's a problem with the visualizer.

Please check with the owners/maintainers of the tool you're using for visualization.

At the least, please provide info on what tool this is (name, version, site). Asking about how to interact with or change the behavior of an unidentified, anonymous tool isn't going to yield any results.

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Hello. this is a screenshot of a JavaScript tool that I'm building, it's not Neo4j, but the graph is extracted from it

If you're the one coding the visualization, then you will want to note for the relationships returned, which is the start node and which is the end node (the ids of the start and end nodes should be part of a relationship record), and ensure that a direction is rendered toward the end node.

If you are not the one who is coding the visualizer, then you'll need to contact whoever maintains it and request that they add the feature for displaying relationship direction, as that is not something that we can do anything about.

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yes, I'm the one who coded the bank. I use the desktop version. I do not understand this issue of visualization because in the database interface the direction of relationships appear but in JS it does not appear

Again, just to make sure, you coded the visualizer being used to display the image you provided?

If you did, then you need to code this yourself, such that the visualization has the right direction, inferred from which node is the start node and which is the end node of the relationship.

If you did not code the visualizer, then you need to find out who did and contact them.

We do not have anything to do with 3rd party visualization tools, and from what you've posted, it sounds like it's something homemade that you made yourself. If you did not make it, it would help to know who did.

There is literally nothing we can do here...we do not have any control or ability to change the visualizer you are using (we have no information about it at all since you haven't provided anything to identify it except that it runs in javascript).