Dynamic knowledge mapping rather than visualizing data

G'day all. Adam from Sunshine Coast, Australia here.

General DB noob. If I'm going to invest in db learning curve thought graph db seems like the future and neo4j the gold standard. Data & information becomes knowledge through relationship, something rdbms ironically seems weaker in.

Ultimately interested in visualization of knowledge, as opposed to data, where knowledge could be situated in various philosophical frameworks. And knowledge is dynamic with attribute and relationships updating through learning.

Would love to develop concept maps, argument maps, debate graphs ie qualitative data relationships and visualize through neo4j

Don't have the web & coding skills to make it easy for data entry and knowledge cartography. Don't know if I'll ever have the time to learn either. But let's see what happens.

Please forgive me in advance for the questions i'll ask!

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Hello @adamduus and welcome to the Neo4j community!

We share your optimism about both graph databases and Neo4j. :)

I think we've established that graph databases are useful, with clear cases where they are necessary to solve a problem. We're now expanding into scenarios where graphs reveal new possibilities, crossing the border from problems opportunities.

There is much to explore and much fun to be had.

We're glad to have you join us.