Driver for Dart

I want to ask you when you will make Driver for Dart language?
please do one soon because I love neo4j database and I want to use it in my Flutter App and I already did my server side by Dart.

Best Regards,


Hi @note8g2018,

Maybe try using GitHub - Pajn/Neo4jDart , I don't know when official support from Neo4j for Dart programming languange will be publish or that working under a official driver for Neo4j, but I will try ask this question for developers, maybe I can be solution for you :)

Hi, is there an update about a driver for dart?


Hello, support for Dart is not on any roadmap as far as I know.
I've only found two very old projects, based on the HTTP API.

The only viable options are:

If you're a paid customer, let your account manager know you'd like to see better support for Dart!