Douglas - Data architect - UK

I am a freelance business/data architect in the UK.

My aim:
to have a deeper understanding of graph data models and database capabilities such that I can recommend their deployment and design with confidence in order that I can break out from the relational paradigm with which I have been familiar with for the last 30+ years and continue to be engaged by clients.

I have toyed with the a schema for my CV; so I can represent my relevant experience in graph form.
I have had a little play with the Transport For London "Boris Bike" data.

Colleagues latch on pretty quickly as to why I enthuse about graphs. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm is not matched by my ability. I am not a programmer; so my personal ambitions for graphs far exceed my ability.

My current endeavour on neo4j is to create a script or set of scripts that can take the scores from the Jaccard Similarity algorithm to create clusters of nodes where the nodes represent a facet of enterprise architecture, such a Business Process, Location, Organisation, Software Application in order to define "logical" applications, subject areas, teams and so on mathematically.

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Hi Douglas! This is my official 'welcome' note to you! :blush: