Dom Bardele, intermediate neo user/Data Scientist at a bank/independent consultant, sending greetings from Chicago!

Hi everyone!

I earned my certification last week and am happy to join this community on my journey to becoming a neo4j ninja. I use neo in my day job to help fight fraud at my bank and do some consulting on the side for all things data. It is a goal of mine to find a company that has a need for a knowledge graph and build one for them.

The most used skills in my toolbox are: Python, Dataiku, Datameer, Tableau, Power BI, Spotfire, some HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and some R (a while ago...I've since moved to Python as I work on my general programming skills).

I've really gotten into coding over the past few years, and I see how well neo4j can solve graphy type use cases. Cypher makes intuitive sense to me and I want to keep getting better at it...there's always room to improve!

Please reach out with any questions for me or if you're looking for someone to join your project. I'd love to chat!