Does neo4j support raster geospatial data?

I am new to neo4j and doing a POC on geospatial data. I have a query 'Does neo4j support raster geospatial data?'

Not sure what you mean with raster but neo4j supports both lat, lon, height as well as x,y,z geospatial data.

Raster data consists of pixel values in an image, whereas vector has shape files like point, line and polygon..
Chapter 11. Raster Data Management, Queries, and Applications.

Hi Michael, Could you please help me in installing neo4j spatial plugin

Hi Michael, I installed neo4j-spatial-0.27.0-neo4j-4.0.3-server-plugin from Releases · neo4j-contrib/spatial · GitHub

but getting following error: Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureRegistrationFailed
with message 'spatial.procedures is unavailable because it is sandboxed and has dependencies outside of the sandbox. Sandboxing is controlled by the setting. Only unrestrict procedures you can trust with access to database internals.'

Could you please help me here...

Add the following line to your neo4j settings*

thank you, Bratanic. issue got resolved.

I am trying to import a shape file, but getting following erros:

CALL spatial.importShapefile("/Users/suchismitasahu/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/neo4jDatabases/database-62b29112-2a99-4b7f-b6cb-3caa8974ab04/installation-4.1.0/import/manhattan_districts.shp")


Failed to invoke procedure spatial.importShapefile: Caused by: /Users/suchismitasahu/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/neo4jDatabases/database-62b29112-2a99-4b7f-b6cb-3caa8974ab04/installation-4.1.0/import/manhattan_districts.dbf (No such file or directory)

CALL spatial.importShapefile("/Users/suchismitasahu/Downloads/manhattan_districts.shp")


Failed to invoke procedure spatial.importShapefile: Caused by: /Users/suchismitasahu/Downloads/manhattan_districts.dbf (No such file or directory)

shape file is present in following location:

Could anyone please help me here...

Put your shape files into the import folder and use relative paths:

see this answer by the library author