Documents database for teaching

My name is Rémy. I am a french math teacher and hobbyist developer.

About 15 years ago, I started organizing my pedagogical documents with a graph database called maquisdoc. In french, the word "maquis" evokes in the same time complexity, freedom and corsican landscape.

I developed a L.A.M.P. stacked site called (user: mpsib, pw: mpsib) but it suffered from the "joinjoinjoin" syndrom.

As I did not succeed going through it, I preferred using the site as it was with my students, writing good CC licensed maths documents and be content with populating my unsatisfactory relational database.

Now I am retired for a few months, I have much more time and graph tools exists.
So I transferred my data from mariadb to neo4j. It was not so difficult as maquisdoc was already designed as a graph.

I am developing a new application based on a neo4j-graphql-gatsby stack and the help of Will Lyon Central-Perk talks. A first version is on line.

Beau projet!

Je parle français au besoin