Do I need a Licence to use Talend and Neo4j

I have checked the Talend documentation and it seems to suggest that I need a licence/subscription to use the Neo4j connections with Talend.

I tried the database connection but no option for Neo4j lots of other databases but no Neo4j.
I am using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 7.3

I coud use jdbc but that is a lot of work

Link to Talend Documentation Welcome to Talend Help Center

At the time of writing this it appears that the licencing for Talend has changed but you can download Talend Big Data at Talend Open Studio for Big Data download | however it appears that this product supports neo4j 3.x not neo4j 4.x. There are lots of jar files you can download so I am sure you can get a more up-to-date version.
The licencing change is very frustrating.