Do different filesizes have an affect on import process?

This is a general question:

does file size skew affect import times? Would files that are 2 GB a piece and files that are 50 mb a piece affect the import processing time for neo4j-admin import?

If your files are formatted the same and the only difference is the number of lines in each file, then yes the size of the file will impact the time it takes to import. The increase is time should be obvious - more lines to read and more writes to occur in the graph.


I think my question was not clear, I am mainly talking about if you have several hundred files and they have various skews such as some that only 10 mb while others that are gbs in size, would it be slower to import compared to more files which have the same size each - say 500 MB. Amazon talks about how some load cmd's and services are slowed down by file skew. Recently when exporting/unloading from redshift I found that various files that I was unloading changed from size 25 MB to several GB and I was wondering if I should change the unload command to make all files the same size - say 500 MB and if this would improve the import process - or is just linear to the number lines and if there is file skew size there is no impact?