Disable to use default database

Hello everyone! I have a little problem with neo4j. I have community version 4.3.0 for my browser Chrome. When I am trying to connect to my default database I catch error Database

"neo4j" is unavailable, its status is "offline".

It happen after import really big data (about 14 millions of nodes) via neo4j-admin. I changed my neo4j.conf file and added


How did you import it with neo4j-admin? and was the database shut down at that moment?

I used this script

neo4j-admin import --multiline-fields=true --id-type=INTEGER

The server was shut down.

did you use the neo4j-admin import from this database or perhaps from another/older version or somewhere on the path?

would you be able to share your debug.log file to see if anything else happened during that import that could be the reason?

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And otherwise would you be able to zip the database and make it available for us to have a look?

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Thank you very much for your attention to my problem. I solved my problem by reinstalling Neo4j server.