Difficulties installing neo4j-graphql on Google cloud server

I'm trying to install neo4j-graphql-js as a service on a Google cloud server that is hosting my database (
The objective is to be able to communicate with the database from a mobile application (using graphql-flutter).
I am not a developer and this part of my project is all very complicated. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I tried following David Allen's tutorial here but it seems that the container he made for the Google cloud service is not working any more.
Also, I am not sure whether I need to use Apollo server. Is this not an extra intermediary that is not needed in my case?
I also tried to follow the neo4j-graphql docs which are pretty detailed but again the examples given use Apollo server and I don't know how to adapt them for my use case.
Ideally, the Google cloud service would be accessible directly from the mobile application at the address https://<ADDRESS>/graphql/

I guess the part that I need to adapt is this one:

const server = new ApolloServer({
  schema: schema,
  // inject the request object into the context to support middleware
  // inject the Neo4j driver instance to handle database call
  context: ({ req }) => {
    return {

server.applyMiddleware({ app, path: "/" });
app.listen(3000, "");

Am I on the right path?
Is there a tutorial on configuring the Google service for neo4j-graphql?