Different results in table and in graph

Hello, I have a query and when I use the where clause, I get different results from a table and from a graph. I enclose my query and two images to show it:

MERGE (ipo: ipOrigen {ip: line[2]})
MERGE (ipd: ipDestino {ip: line[4]})
with ipo,ipd,line

CREATE (ipo)-[r:CONEXIONES {puertoOrigen: line[3], puertoDestino: line[5], fecha: date(datetime({epochseconds:TOINT(line[0])}))}]->(ipd)

MATCH (x:ipOrigen)-[z:CONEXIONES]->(y:ipDestino)
WHERE (z.puertoOrigen = "34354")
return x,y,z

Is is possible that the properties for the CONEXIONES relationship do not match your query? If in Neo4j Browser, if you have checked Connect Result Nodes, all relationships are shown between the two nodes.


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I think Elaine is correct here. Check your Neo4j browser settings (gear icon in the lower left) and scroll to the bottom and ensure Connect result nodes is not checked. While the feature is helpful when doing general exploration of the graph, it returns all relationships present between the nodes returned, and is likely what's causing the confusion here.

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That´s it! Thanks for your help :smiley: